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Shaco Build Guide by IwantadrinkNOW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IwantadrinkNOW

Shaco, Now you see me, now you're dead

IwantadrinkNOW Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Laning Shaco


Jungle Shaco

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Shaco Build

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Shaco is a champion which can gank really well early game and can easily take down a person. In this build, I will show you how to use Shaco and what to do as shaco.

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Item order


For the starting items, first buy Boot Of Speed, 3 health pots.

After, get the Berserker Boots. That's for the attack speed so you can get more kills easily.
Then, you get the Phantom Dancers, they help you earn the money you need to buy everything else.
Once you have the Phantom Dancers buy the Frozen Mallet. They slow your enemies down and all YOU have to do is walk and kill them.
Now the Sword Of The Occult. That will solve your problems of damage because of the stacks! If you have a kill it will add 2 stacks. If you get an assist you will get 1 stack. Each stack gives 5 damage.
For the most kills you can get either Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster in any order.
The Infinity Edge adds 80 attack damage and Bloodthrister adds 60 but gives you lifesteal. So you can get them in any order.


First, get 3 health pots and a boots of speed.
When you have enough money, head to the shop keeper and buy yourself a Wriggles Lantern. That helps you jungle more easily. Next, aim for the Trinity Force. That is such a usefull item for Shaco.
When you have that, just try to get Blood Thirster. Why? Because it helps you heal up and do damage to the enemy team.
To boost your damage even more, you can get Phantom Dancer first OR Infinity Edge, but try to end up with those two.

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Once you understand Shaco's skils, you can solo 4 people at once. When your team is attacking the enemy team, just go behind them and "Back Stab" them. It's easy. You can just kill them immediately. You can even kill Baron with another partner. Just creep up on them using Deceive and attack them. If they try to run away, DO NOT WORRY! Just use Two Shiv Poison to slow them down or your Frozen Mallet will. If they attack back, your bloodthirster will heal you back up. Now, it's not certain you will heal but you won't lose lots of health.
You won't have all those things at lv11, when the enemy starts ganking, Shaco will start laughing.

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Pros/ Cons

Pros: You are so op sometimes you can get everyone
You can solo dragon at lv9
Shaco can creep up on people while they're recalling

Shaco is very squishy
You will die if YOU get sneeked up on while fighting another champion.

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Thanks for reading this guide!

For all the people who appreciate this guide, thank you! I will continue to update it everytime a new patch comes out! Thanks for helping me and stay with me!
- Kaz