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Singed Build Guide by the_league_of_draven

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the_league_of_draven

singed is so OP in twizted treeline

the_league_of_draven Last updated on April 15, 2013
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singed OP af in twizted

Singed Build

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im not that great at league but heres my twisted treeline/maybe summores rift build for singed. im only lvl 13 so i have almost no masteries or runes

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first i go with a ruby crystal then a sapphire crystal then make it into a catalyst then get a blasting want to complete my rod of ages first. then i build a ninja tabi. after the ninja tabit comes the archangel staff. then i start building a deathfires garsp either that or a iceborn gauntlet depending on the types of champs im play. after that ill start a hextech revolver for the lolz then ill sell it and buy another deatfires grasp or and rylais sceptep. and for the last i build either a frozen heart or a iceborn gauntlet or a vanshees veil

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Skill Sequence

start with your E then next max your Q out then max E then max out you R then finish with W

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Unique Skills

try to get mana and ap. that will do youthe most good instead of build just straight health. empowered bulwar will help more than just straight helth items