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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingTaters

Singed- Running Man

KingTaters Last updated on July 15, 2010

Welcome to the Running Man game, with this build you start off a little soft but once level 6 rolls around its time to start running. The mastery tree fucntion was not working so i will type it out the build is 3/7/20, its all about maximizing regen from defense and utility and a little ap from offense plus the movement speed increase god knows you need that then nothing not even yet will catch you.

You start the game with the regen pendent and try to farm up creeps with posion trail(all people play singed knows that) but what you cannot do is afford a death unless you are taking 2 others with you early.

Mid game you should be running around lane to lane pushing and moving never stopping and keeping the other team on there toes trying to stop or slow you down from pushing and turning lanes.

Late game its going to take everything they got to bring you down and i mean everything and 5 ignites so enjoy, and at this time you can sell off the P.Stone and get some better tanking item like G.Angel or which ever you prefer.