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General Guide by BlankSan

League of Legends Build Guide Author BlankSan

So you want to master Kayle?

BlankSan Last updated on March 1, 2016
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The "**** you" Q

Use your Q on enemy champions to **** their **** up.

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The "I'll protect you with my fedora, fair maiden" W

Use your W to heal yourself.
Never heal your teammates, because **** those guys.

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The "I'll rape you in your sleep" E

Use E whenever you can.
If someone says that you are wasting mana, report them.

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The "I have a big ****" R

Never use your R.
It takes up too much mana and it's never useful.

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The mechanics of Kayle

Just attack them, you ****ing *****.

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What lane do I go?

Don't pick a lane, because Kayle goes wherever she pleases.
If you pick a lane, kill yourself

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Additional information

Why are you still here?
Go and wreck people, you ***** *** nigga


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