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League of Legends Build Guide Author A H Legend

Teemo - AD/AS

A H Legend Last updated on March 27, 2010

Use the following item build.. and rune build
thats how i build my teemo and i usealy get 23/4/11

First to build is Dorans blade, since the rune build is stacked on DMG/Armor Penetration

After Dorans blade build Berserkers Greaves
and stack 1 B.F Sword as your 3 Item,

then get Recurve Bow bcus you want to be alittle faster aswell in your attack speed
Stack 1 more B.F Sword

as your 5 item i would get Bloodthirster to get more Life steal aswell

6 Item will Be Wit's End bcus you get more powerfull against casters, since it will take their mana by your psycial dmg, sell your Dorans blade and get Infinity start building your Frozen Mallet, to slow your enemy's in Late game,

you might have better builds or something else you do, but this build works fine aswell

stacking dmg and then attack speed later,

in the end you'll be having

1. Blood Thirster
2. Berserkers Greaves
3. Wit's End
4. Infinity Blade
5. Frozen Mallet

if gettin more golds you an always pick Zeal and build it for Phantom Dancers,


6. Phantom Dancers