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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dino Ice

That "one" Kalista.

Dino Ice Last updated on October 26, 2015
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Hello Summoners!

I am recently new to Kalista but I have observed how people play her and I've played her in pbe a few times. First of all to start off Kalista needs a lot of attack speed as much spears you get in enemy champions the better! Second of all she goes very well with tanky supports. Example: Naut,Ali,Thresh,Blitz,Leona Etc. However Stuns,snares silences are always nice too!(I find that people like to poke kalista a lot because she is highly squishy, but she is also very good at dodging pokes with her passive so make sure to be aware and ready for pokes and use it often! ) Also since kalista is very squishy make sure to always be by or behind a tank, you will get singled out very quickly if not! I hope this guide helped! please let me know if there is anymore I can add! (I am new to mobafire haha but I always look up my guides on here sometimes if I am not sure!)


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