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The demonic Clown is not dead! Patch 6.22 (AP Shaco guide! F

Santa Clone Last updated on November 18, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Aatrox is known for his incredible amount of sustain that can destroy anyone in a 1v1 duel. But against AP shaco it's not a threat, Set up your box trap and as he uses his gap closer to all in you, He will be feared and that's your chance to all in him instead, Make sure to use ignite if he's full HP, it will stop his sustain, but almost always you won't need ignite.
Jax Jax is one of those champions that in my opinion deserves a nerf, Because he's a pain in the butt if the guy knows what he's doing.. As for you he's an easy matchup, Because he has no skillshots or ranged abilities except for his Q however, and that's how you are going to kill him! just make sure to avoid getting stunned in his E and Q away before he kills you, The boxes will take time to shut him down since his E blocks your boxes shots for a short duration.
Xin Zhao Xin zhao, like aatrox, is knows for his sustain which ofcourse isn't as high as aatrox's, But xin can easily burst you down if you don't get out of his range! don't basic attack him when he's already sustaining from you and hunting you down, let the boxes do most of the damage then you finish up with your backstab and E.
Kha'Zix The new khazix rework will be beneficial for us AP shaco players, He deals less damage but his Q has insane CDR when evolved, but you know what? That's not a big deal at all! He won't be even able to attack you when flies and lands on your box trap, that's your way of hunting the bug down.
Elise Elise, The champion who's known to gank all lanes at once without you even realizing it, make sure to ward your teammates pushes whenever you could, Or you can place a box in the brush, Save a life! As for your lanning phase against Elise, You can't fight her in human form because of her ranged skillshots, and once she has her cocoon on you you're pretty much dead, Bait her into your box trap when she turns into a spider and she's no longer a threat.
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Who am i? Is shaco really dead?

Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide ever to make for LoL or any other game! I am a gold V player who started playing at the beginnings of Season 6 and i play in the EUNE server, Yeah i am not that old but i can say i am good enough with Shaco to tell you how to carry with him in this season. As you see, Shaco's rework wasn't a disappointment like any of you have thought. Riot put an undenyable power in the AP shaco, as a price, they killed AD shaco so I wouldn't advise playing him in ranked games anymore. The rework is pretty simple: Your Q now scales with AP and applies more damage if you get the backstab off so it's no longer crit dependent, Your W got a huge buff and that's why AP shaco will officially be a thing, Your W lasts longer during invisible for each ability power you have! That means, in late game when you're full AP build, your W lasts more than 30 seconds Extra! plus the original 60 seconds ofcourse. Not only that, But your W gains more HP while levelling and that means in late game your boxes won't be easy to take down, You can place up to 10! and that's even more than the URF shaco. You will be power full once you rush the core Items which will give you 35% CDR. And now the last huge buff for AP shaco is his ULT, once the clone explodes it will place 3 jack in the boxes in a triangle pattern which fears and deals the damage, If one box dies though the 3 all die. but once you max R the nest will have 900 HP so it's worth maxing up whenever you get to! Do you think any of this benefits AD shaco? Absolutely not, I don't hate the AD shaco, I also played him alot during the S6 and i tried him after rework and i found alot of disadvantages compared to AP shaco.

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How to play Shaco? The playstyle of AP shaco.

As you play AP shaco, you will feel like playing a game of CHESS, You will be predicting the enemies next movements and you will tilt them with the mindgames, that's what AP shaco is all about! not just spamming basic attacks (AD shaco). AP shaco is alot more funnier to play and more powerful and rewarding but despite of all that, he's really really difficult to play, You will be risking your life alot and bait the enemy to your box placements, Which is how your team will hunt them all down before they get out of the box shooting range. AP shaco's early game is also about baiting and showing your enemy that you're scared but you're not, you can 1v1 anyone who lets your box hits them. You should be ganking alot, i didn't say farm isn't important, but take care of your team, they will be helping you and benefit from your traps, But if the enemy team is all fed then there's no hope, That's for any jungler not only shaco though.