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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexw2142

The Magic of TP Mid

Alexw2142 Last updated on October 6, 2015
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Quick Summarie

Hello, this is a concise guide to playing any mid laner with TP.
You may wonder, what champs work best with TP?
To answer your question, any champions that are mana-intensive or focus on using mana, i.e Ahri, Veigar, Azir will work.
Also champions that REQUIRE cs to do anything, and use mana in doing so
There are also champions that are more squishy than other mid laners, like azir.
How to use TP
Use it any time you can in laning phase, when a few turrets go down, you should spend a whole 15 seconds walking to lane, saving the TP for any object, teamfight, or gank.


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