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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pietinho

The offtank jungle sheep

Pietinho Last updated on October 16, 2015
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First u start like every mana jungler with gromp and then blue.
You defeta wolves and go then to red jungle. Completing the jungle should be very easy with Kindred. While u completing the jungle give attention to the targets on the map for your stacks. defeat the targets to become more damage equal to the life of other champs. After u completed the jungle and youre lvl 4 make your first back and after that pay attention to the lanes. Look for very pushed lanes and gank them with you E and your slowing smite.
The enemies should die easy if your team is usefull.
Go for farming between the ganks so u got much money after 2 or 3 sucessfull ganks.
Go back no and buy Runaans and Last whisper (i go back and buy runaans, longsword, health and armor).
If u do this u should be more powerfull for fights and go on ganking.
U will see it should be easier if u complete more stacks on your passive. Try to take all targets in jungle and targeting the champs before u kill them.
If u do so you can buy armor before last whisper.
After finishing the armor item and last whisper u will be totally usefull in every team fight so u can buy your boots for more mobility and finish your build with botrk.


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