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Darius Build Guide by MaxTheMonster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxTheMonster

This is a guide for the onces who are in dunking ... I mean

MaxTheMonster Last updated on October 15, 2016

For Starters

So welcome to my guide for new Dunkers
Im a darius main and i play very agresive but you beeing a starter should just farm until the first team fight stars you are more powerful then you think each time your enemy tries to farm apply 1 attack on them if they proceed in attacking you you have 1 more stack before the fight started .In the hands of a not braindead bronze darius can be scary erly my combo goes like this ( 1 attack + w + e + q (side note you have 4 stacks applied now) + 1 more sneaky attack then dunk it) Laneing- is very ez just poke youre laner until he rages comes at u and dies