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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebbe38

Tips/tricks to heros 1.2

Ebbe38 Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Welcome to tips/tricks guid 1.2

Some new uppdates and some old, still a basic build to some heros!

Twich:dont forget too "Q then B when you recall for get invisbility while you recall" same with evelyn

Swain: Best burst comobo is "R-W-E-Q" you will blow up everyone with that

people that is noob with kennen is a good harras tips thorw you shurkey and when you hit make your "W" skill will do alot of dmg, if its imposible to hit with shurkey so just aouto shot him when you got 4 staks on aout attack then "W"

Leblanq skill combo is R-Q-W-E and shes an amzing for dps tips buy her if you want to dominate games ;)

annie: early game is kinda great with an flash stun, you have you stun ready flash out form you bush and stun him/then kill him with your mate!

ezreal: you in mid at lvl 2 with exhoust/ingnite can call all heros in game just jump to him with your "e" skill and use your summoner spells on him then aouto shot/spamm Q till he die, this will often take just maybe 4 secound!

Udyr jungel with flash/smite works good come from the bush behind run in with bear form that make you faster then flash to your enemy stun him/your guys kill him ;D

Please comment and rate ;D and ask me qustion about all heros becuse i got all ;)