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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tmeister

Towers 101

Tmeister Last updated on August 21, 2015
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Hello my name is Tmeister, I'm a challenger and i specialize in making guides for new comers as well as experienced players.

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Tower damage

The essential damage of towers
A*[1 - 0.8*D/(100 + 0.8*D)]
A*[1 - 0.8*D/(100 + 0.8*D)] - (A/0.9)*[1 - D/(100 + D)]
100*[1 - 0.8*D/(100 + 0.8*D)] - (100/0.9)*[1 - D/(100 + D)]100*([1 - 0.8*D/(100 + 0.8*D)] - (1/0.9)*[1 - D/(100 + D)])/((1/0.9)*[1 - D/(100 + D)])

as you can tell by these calculations tower go purr if u mkae them mad xd

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Avoid getting hit by towers

dont play the game u dummy

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Dealing with getting hit by a tower

u cant

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Countering turrets

play Taric

for and indepth guide on taric go to

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thx for reading xd

now u should be super good at towers haha :)


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