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League of Legends Build Guide Author RikuTheGr

Tristana - Omg its trist runnnnn

RikuTheGr Last updated on November 11, 2010

Start game with a vampiric scepter which can keep you farming without need to b..
At about 2800 go b and buy malady and boots ang go back with teleport or wait to have about 4000 to go b and take malady boots and zeal so you will be ready to start farming...
Go in woods and make some money ;) when a near tower needs you go and fast kill every minion for extra money..
Get a bloodthister and a infinity and after tht upgrade ur zeal on phantom..
Now your kinda dominating the game .. Keep getting lizard buff is CRITICAL about getting kills!!!! your damage + attack speed + a slowed enemy = kill ;)
Buy a black cleaver for evem more damage ;) And when enough money sell your boots and get another phantom.. You will have some insane ccritical strikes And let the bodies hit the floor :D

Ghost will help you chase enemies and slow them after with your lizard buff..Also it can help you get away from battles fast
Using your jump keeps you ALIVE and give you kills ;)
Using Teleport can help you ganging or getting back to lanes fast without losing xp ^^
You can also use flash... Jump+flash= wtf where is trist or you can run for him ghost+flash+jump(slow)+lizard buff = ^^ dominating