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Tryndamere Build Guide by Killjoy1239

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killjoy1239

Tryndamere Early Level Build

Killjoy1239 Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, first off, i am not level 30, and i realize that might turn you away from this build a little, but i truely encourage you to read it all because this is an early level Tryndamere guide, as in how to play him early leveled in League and give you a basis on what he can do and how i personally play him and get a 9/10 win ratio over the last 3 days, thats right 9 out of the 10 games ive played in the last 3 days i have won, usually within the first 15 minutes with the other team surrendering because they have nothing to look forward to but a bunch of 4 shots by Tryn, so please read on and i hope you enjoy this Tryndamere early level build/guide. I know this is reposted but before i hadn't had an account and i published it so i could repost under my account

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Skill Sequence

Ok Skill Sequence can be KEY to winning a game, because the game will usually depend on how well the team plays early game or when the skill sequence really matters. The first skill you want to get is Bloodlust, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, that is the 1st spell you will get and the first thing you will max, the passive AD bonus is very large as well as the heal that is incredible for ganking as well as lane sustainability, but remember do not use Bloodlusts active until it is absolutely necessary.

The next thing that you want to get is Spinning Slash, this is basicly your Flash, this is why we do not need to get flash as a Summoner spell. This ability can be used to go though some walls which can be very useful when it comes to escaping enemies or cutting on off when it trys to run from your team mates, get this at level 2 that way you will always have something defensive, the ability to run away before you pop Bloodlust and heal giving you the most effective use of Bloodlust. Max this as soon as you can after you Max your Bloodlust

The 3rd spell you will get is Mocking Shout, this has 2 functions. The first is an AD decrease from an enemy facing you which can be useful when you are getting attacked and trying to run away from someone that is faster then you or someone with slows, i try not to use this when enemies are facing me though because the cooldown is longer then his other spells and it will detract from my ganking ability. the second function of Mocking Shout is that it will slow the enemy a noticeable amount when they are facing away from you, this is usually the best time to use this spell it will stop chasers if they turn away to last hit a minion or it will slow down runners if you only have a little bit left and you did quite finish them off when they were fighting you back. Get this spell at level 4 and dont worry about maxing it until you reach level 18.

The next and probably one of the most important spells that Tryn has is his ultimate Endless Rage. This spell is amazing when you get to a late game or strong point in the build, or when you get your IE. This will basically make Tryn unkillable, i have had many games where after i get my IE or about level 12, i have finished the game without dying other then if i kill myself at the nexus turret to ensure that my team will get the win. But remember that Endless Rage will only keep you alive, not stop you from taking damage, you can go to 1 hp, you will never go below it as long as this is active, (SPawn turret is different it can still kill you dont try it i did for you :P), so remember to use this when you get low not when you start a fight, only use it to ensure a kill or if you want to try and be greedy and go for 2 or 3 kills in a team fight or even 1v3, i have had many cases where i have been in a 1v3 situation and gotted 2 kills and 1 to very low HP but not quite finished off the kill, that may be frustrating but remember 2 kills is better then their 1 kill as a team and that will show your team that the enemy is weak and that the game will be close to over.

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Ok so the first thing to look at are runes and masteries, granted i am not 30 so im not 100 percent sure that these Runes and Masteries will work but for me they seem to be working incredibly well.

Furst Runes


The 2 marks that i use are both very very strong, the marks of Might, are amazing late game runes they double the marks of strength, this is why we get 5 of them, and you should always get these first if you dont have all 9 yet. AD is Tryns most powerful stat, it allows him to hit incredibly hard with his basic attacks and those basic attacks are Tryns bread and butter, the thing that you will use to do most of your damage.

next we have marks of strength, these are just flat AD but still very very useful, i get them so that my early game is stronger, that way i can harass the opposing laner, and possibly get a early kill or first blood.

Next Seals, for these i go with Seals of Alancrity, these are attack speed which synergizes very very well with the AD that tryn has as well as the fact that we dont get any sort of attack speed increase until after out IE is finished (Infinity Edge)


For these i got 3 of each of the marks and seals above, 3 attack speed glyphs, 3 flad AD glyphs and 3 AD per level glyphs, for all of the reasons above, i would start with the flad AD glyphs then go to attack speed then on to the AD per level.


These were a very easy choice. At full fury tryn will have an increased 35% crit chance, with your IE your crits get a major damage boost, from 200 percent to 250 percent, now we increase that damage by more giving you even larger crits and a very high crit change, AWESOME!

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells that i get are the best, Heal is incredible it can let you push longer sometimes even giving you that 3v1 win instead of a 3v1, death with only 2 kills instead of 3. This is one of the best, if can give you more sustainability, as well as giving you more time to use your Ignite which is your second summoner spell.

Ignite is amazing as-well, this can give you first blood as well as many kills even late game, tryn does not have any ranged abilities other then his flash or Spinning Slash, which aren't even ranged attacks but ways to close the gap. Ignite fixes this problem giving him more flexibility in the game.

The only other real viable choice for summoner spells is Exhaust and Cleanse. These two i will not cover in this guide other then the fact that it closes gaps and ensure kills as well as it will allow you to run from someone with slows and stuns.

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General Strats

This chapter is going to be based on the Twisted Treeline, and a few little bits of info for Summoner's Rift, for info as to why read the comments.

Ok so open the game with Dorans blade and your q ability, go with your team for an opening gank if possible, try to avoid using summoners spells unless its completely needed. Hopefully you will score a kill, some games ive had it where i personally scored all 3 kills, but in a good game 1 kill is plenty, now ideally you want to solo top when possible but some people are stubborn and wont take that you need to solo as an answer, and you are forced to duo bot, ill go into that after.

So you are level 1 and you didnt score a kill, but you got top. It will take exactly 7 minion kills to level you up to level 2. which i when you get sweeping slash. continue laning until 3. Now your level 3 this is when it gets really interesting, hopefully you got to level 3 before your enemy does, if not thats ok too, you will try to get the closer to your tower so you have more time to go for a kill, keep last hitting minions try to get to 4 so you have your slow. Once you are level 4, and hopefully your enemy is semi-close to your tower, push them. Spinning slash in, wait for them to turn around Mocking shout and when they get rather low or behind their tower use ignite and heal and bloodlust to make sure you do not die in the process. If this is successful you should be able to get to level 5 before they even come back to the lane, giving you a major advantage. Continue to harass and prevent them for laning at all when possible. Keep killing keep harassing now your level 9. Your bloodlust is maxed and you should hopefully by now atleast have your boots of speed and maybe even your BF sword. Now try to gank. go bot and try to get a kill, if not continue laning until about level 12, or when you get your IE,

After you have your IE is basicly GG if you get it soon enough, now you should have no problems soloing dragon, wait for Endless Rage and go kill it. Bonus gold and a sweet buff. AWESOME! Continue laning until you get zeal or PD.

After this its really up to what the enemy has for items, if they got armor to make up for you ability to tear through them, get last whisper, if they didnt get Blackened Cleaver, 45 armor out of 60 is better then about 23 armor about of 60.

By this point the game will most likely be over, but if its not go for that Bloodthirster just to put icing on the sweet sweet kill cake that you have just made.

GG other team you just got owned by Tryndamere.

Now Duo laning is a bit different, still try to last hit minions and get to 4 as fast as possible then try to gank just as before, but it will take longer to get your IE or level 12, so its not recommended, but ive had to do it sometimes and Tryn is really good at puting a lot of pressure on any duo.

Keep Spinning Slashing and Mocking Shouting when they run and hope for a few kills here and there.

But as soon as you get the IE call out in /all and say ""GG other team you just got served!"

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Thank you for reading my early game Tryndamere guide, and i hope you enjoy it and can have lots of fun learning this champion and winning as many games as i do

Your good buddy Killjoy1239 (Pe√ęta, my LoL name)