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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cr00ve

Twisted Treeline by Cr00ve - Taric.XinZao.Riven

Cr00ve Last updated on October 27, 2012
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New Twisted Treeline Map ! (beta) elise patch..

After the patch of elise i started out making builds for the reworked twisted treeline map
since they added new items
i will try make builds for good "team builds !"

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Taric: BOT (AP tank)

Xin Zao: BOT (Bruiser)

Riven: TOP (Bruiser)

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Damage, CC & Sustain

Damage: main damage would be done by Xin Zao & Riven.
CrowdControl: mainly will be done by Taric's Dazzle, and Xin Zao's Knockup is helpfull.
Sustain: as xin zao has its own little sustain, Taric has the greatest sustain for this team..
he can only heal one at the time, but its heal can save lives...