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Team Guide by JPMONEY1199

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JPMONEY1199

Unstopable team in 3v3

JPMONEY1199 Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Team 1

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Amumu Build

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Chapter 1

This is my first team build so dont get mad if you dont like my team. I like to play this team because u have tons of damage output, and plenty of stuns. I usually have ryze solo and have him get stacked. Amumu is your team tank, so get lots of health and AP with him. Olaf is your DPS/Tank, so build strong, but yet tons of atk damage. And ryze.... well you know how to build a good ryze.

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Pros / Cons

IF u have a smart team, you will always win in team fights.
When i use this team... we always win.... there is no cons.

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It doesnt matter about ur masteries and runes... just get what you think you need, also for skill sequence, just level up your favorites and just use what you like.


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