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Veigar Build Guide by LukBehindU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LukBehindU

Veigar - Can destroy an initioator Udyer

LukBehindU Last updated on April 19, 2013
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Beats any Udyer

Veigar Build

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Early, Mid, and Late game.

Early game:

For early game, you will want to rush into jungle. Get your e first, so you can stun anythink enytiem. Don't get Q or W as it is ineffective in the jungle. R is also a good start. Start red, as Mana is not an issue in top lane.

Mid game:

By mid game you should have at least 2 augments of death. This will really help with healing. The reason as to why you reaaallyyyy want these 2 avarice blades though, is because of the mana regen it gives. By mid you should have give or take 8 deaths, and by this stage you should have ganked the enemy jungle at least 4 times. The main thing to do here is to feed the enemies so you don't give any money when you die in the next step, late game.

Late game:

The real focus of late game is to tower dive at any opportunity. you should be at least level 3 by late game, and have maxed R. By now you should have your completed build, and give or take 23 deaths. Remember to keep ganking baron as that is the easiest way to decrease your elo.

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Ward placement.

Don't by wards. They are not cost effective, and the range isn't the whole map. The better way to do it is set up a volibear to sit in bushes and make sure he stands still so his passive kicks in and he goes invisible. Also make him set up shrooms in all of your base.

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When farming, be sure to spam your E + revive summoner combo. Shen is the most effective farmer if you use this combo. Be sure to spam your R if the minions build AP.

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Send in your games

Be sure to screenshot the games you play when using this build, and I will post them here. Good luck.