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Veigar General Guide by peepeeGee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peepeeGee

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peepeeGee Last updated on June 9, 2015
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Veigar Build

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First Guide

Hey guys I am peepeeGee and this is my first guide.
I hope you guys enjoy it and plz don't forget to share your opinion and any question.

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A pretty sample and updated Veigar's guide.

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Marks are always Magic Pen on Veigar.
Use Armor Seals if u need the Armor in lane otherwise use HP for utility.
Use Magic Resist Glyphs if u need the Magic Resist in lane otherwise use AP for damage.
Marks are always Magic pen, and Quints are always AP.

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I like running 21/0/9
As in offesinve tree, u don't need Arcane Blade cuz u won't be AA that much, it's too dangerous!
Defensive is good, but not my play style.
Utility U like to have the Fleet of Foot cuz movement speed is useful on veigar, Summoner's Insight is always useful, Meditation cuz it gives some more mana regen, Alchemist and Culinary Master for the sustain.
A lot of people may be asking why not run Runic Affinity on the Utility tree? Well, it's never garenteed that u will get a Buff, so I prefer to use cookies.

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Skill Sequence

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