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League of Legends Build Guide Author sexyrob

walled in

sexyrob Last updated on July 26, 2010
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Team 1

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Anivia Build

I know Cho has no wall, but after 6 stacks, he's pretty much a walking wall. Also, with all these squishies(especailly the terrible veigar and malzahar) I needed a tank to make this remotely viable. Anyways, me and friends did this a while back, we somehow scored an ace thanks to Karthus. The key to this build is isolation, one wall after the other. Wall sequence should go like this: have cho bait them in, place a wall around him with veigar, then after one is stunned, have anivia block off the rest of their team with her own wall. Then, all gang up on the single champ whose left


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