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League of Legends Build Guide Author War Of Trades

War Of Udyr

War Of Trades Last updated on September 14, 2010
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War Of Trades
Before I begin I would like to say this build is not a harass build it's a build which you have to wait till your lvl 7-10 before you start doing crazy damage.

Alright Start off with a
Vampiric Scepter (More life steal when you have turtle = Longer laning phase)
Berserker Greave's (Faster Att + Faster Life Steal)
Maldred's Blood Razor (This is where you start doing your major DPS This + Tiger Stance)
2 Blood Thirster's (These items are just for more life steal and dmg) (Changeable Items)
Frozen Mallet (More HP + Damage + Slow = Tiger Stance Is G-G-G-Godlike)
Lich Bane (To add damage for when you switch stances it's pretty strong late game)

This build is a pure tiger stance build and varies on the play style of the person.
Runes and masteries your choice.