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Warwick General Guide by MstrChode

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MstrChode

Warwick Pro Hunting Guide

MstrChode Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Ok so I've been playing as Warwick for a while now and really have a good feel for him, how ever my build changes depending on the situation, so i will be adding different builds to the corresponding situations i usually find myself in.

Warwick is the strongest jungler, there's no doubt about it, he has a very high damage output, he heals non-stop and he just pwns all round.

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Ok now to my Runes, well yes they may seem a little bit weird, but my choices have been the ones that have made him the optimal fighter and jungler, will probably clean them up as i play.

The main things i was aiming for through the runes was to get a high amount of Damage, a high amount of attack speed, some cool down and some critical hit damage and chance just to have that slight edge in more areas.


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The Masteries I have aimed for are those that will just give you that massive boost in damage while giving you that sustain needed for early jungle.


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