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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feenan

"what was with that Irelia?"

Feenan Last updated on November 23, 2010
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This build is just what i've been doing with the new character, and frankly it works best for me, i'll finish 11,4,10 or something along those lines. i'm new to the game so the deaths are soley my fault haha.

for the items my only must is to get A of the leagion first, it keeps you alive and shifts team battles when you show up. the boots you can choose between treads and tabi depending on what your fighting. the wits end is good to increase MR and give you that boost in attack speed, and the mana reduction to damage slightly makes up for not building with power. then i make the omen which slows enemies on hit and then that trigger which can make havok in a tf. the other 2 left are just good items that put the icing on the cake late late in a game.

don't flame until you try.
leave tips if you -1