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League of Legends Build Guide Author Will This Work?


Will This Work? Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Will this worK?

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Amumu Build

This team is just a team i thought up out of nowhere.
Early game: I have no idea... Ashe or Morgana can solo.
Maybe a good idea would be Ashe solo, because she's this team's carry and needs the extra exp and gold. Morgana and Amumu would not be a bad choice because Bandage Toss + Tormented Soil + Dark Binding + Tantrum + Despair = Kill? Galio and Sona becomes an unstoppable survival machine. This is just a theoretical build, I have no idea how this would actually work.
Mid game: Ganking and stuff. Pushing yadayadayda
End game: This is where it gets interesting. This team is a teamfight team. First Have Galio Flash, etc inside and Ulti then Amumu Bandage Toss Ulti, Ashe + Morgana+Sona Ulti = Win!!
The main Principal of this is that
Galio: Tank+Caster+Support
Sona: Support+Caster
Amumu: Tank + Caster + Disabler
Morgana: Caster
Ashe: Carry+Dps
I dont know if this would work, but I think it would...


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