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Yorick Build Guide by dark templerz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dark templerz

Yorick jungel/lane :-)

dark templerz Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Yorick Build

Yorick the ugly

Hello if you look into this buuld you may see sometings thats really wierd example of my runes thats nearly the sama on both its becouse its the only runes i got thats matches yorick good , The guide isnt perfect at all but its my way to play yorick and i love it and its great not any underpowered ******** ,

PS: I normaly just jungel yorick but the few times i lane him i start with the items i've placed then it goes how the game go but sapphire crystal in the begining ohh its great .
Only 5 (4) enggame items is also on the jungel build but same there i pick those items nearly always and then the 2 other i go after what the enemy team looks like and what my team needs

Thanks and goodby :)