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Zed Build Guide by Geelot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Geelot

Zed Experimental Guide : IE and SOTD

Geelot Last updated on August 18, 2013
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Hello guys, I'm Geelot to try an experiment build to Zed. I think it will work. I have try it 1 time and I easily one shot Akali. So let's go to the experiment.

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sword of the and infinity

I think this 2 will work for your Death Mark.

Math (please correct me if i'm wrong, I suck at math.)

So after you got Infinity Edge, your damage should be


This computation is at level 16, 3 ranks of Death Mark.

3 attacks crit +250 percent

301 x 2 = 602
602 x 3 = 1806 + 450.3
1806 + 450.3 = 2256.3
2256.3 (divide) 2 (50% damage) = 1128.15
1128.15 + 301 (100% bonus damage) = 1429.15
1429.15 + (depending on how fast you hit Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash). Ex.400=1829.15.

1829.15 total ****ing damage.

the damage would be 1829.15 (depending on their armor or your armor penetration, this damage can decrease or increase.

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Sorry guys, I think this computation is wrong as I say....


So please tell me if this is correct :)

Thanks for reading.