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AWR - Aussie competitve clan, recruiting

Creator: The Only Exor
April 29, 2012 8:24am
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Australian Wi-Fi Recon was founded over 3 years ago as a clan for Wii members,
But it wasn't long before a strong member base was developed,
And the decision was made to go multi-console so that expansion could continue.
There have been a few rough patches,
But AWR has always bounced back and managed to maintain a strong and loyal member base.

AWR currently has strong teams on multiple consoles and are on the verge of having another crack at competitive gaming
This will be the first time the PC has taken the fight to the big leagues,
But what they lack in experience they more than make up in skill and spirit.
For the Xbox side, this will be another crack at competitive gaming,
After suffering from ill fortune in recent times.

Ever since it's creation back in '09,
AWR has continued to grow, and has never backed down from it's ultimate goal of world domination.
Other areas of growth apart from other consoles, has been the creation of a central hub for all the members to meet and chill out,
Servers on multiple consoles, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and connections to other social networking sites.

The long term goal of the clan is to create a strong, tight knit community of gamers and friends,
Who can take on even the greatest of rival clans and put up a fight.
And with well over 40 amazing members, the clan is well on its way to realising this goal.

You can come check us out anytime at
Don't let the "awr-wii" fool you, the site is for any and all gamers ;D

The lol team is coming together slowly. Message me for more details or add me in game The Only Exor, and we can see how you fit in
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