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Hello community!

Creator: Hyogetaki Hisame
August 23, 2012 8:17pm
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Hello everyone,

I'm Hyogetaki Hisame from the EU-W server. I have been a huge league of legends fan for over 6 months so far, and I learned a lot from tournament streamings, friends in-game but mostly, from this really interesting websites and the important amount of informations and tips.

I'm having lots of fun playing the game nearly everyday, tought my actual ranked elo is somewhat low since my skills only got better lately. I fear that I will have to decrease the ammount of games I play ( will probably only play in the weekend since I'm a student).

I love to play with different people and try new ideas and new styles of play in co-op and normal ( not trollish tought) with likely minded players, but I stick with the "normal" kind of play when going ranked.

Hope to see you in-game ;)

Hyogetaki Hisame
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Hyogetaki Hisame
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