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Recruiting for Team Croatoan

Creator: Icevapor
June 25, 2012 3:09pm
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Hello, my name is Icevapor, I am a relatively new player but I am improving very quickly. Me and my friend, Winston the Mage, are looking for other team members to play matches with, and hopefully eventually become the best (probably not, but you never know). We are looking for a support,
and 2 other players for top or bottom lane. I am already solo mid, so if you play solo mid, leave now.

I want to know your level, rank (if you have one), main characters, position, and experience. Also, having skype would be nice.
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Level: 20
Rank: not ranked
Favorite Characters: Gangplank, Hem( The Centaur), Tristana, Garren
Position: Usually ad/ap carry or support
Experience- I've played a lot of matches and picked up some stuff here and there. Not the best jungler so I tend to avoid it, but I'm lookin to play with some ppl that won't rage out and have some fun but learn some experience as well.
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