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[CSL] Azubu Collegiate Champions Divisions...

Creator: CSL_James
October 29, 2012 8:13am
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Everything has been building up to this moment.

Divisions for the Azubu Collegiate Champions, CSL LoL divisions have been released! The first games of the Collegiate Starleague will begin this weekend, November 3rd.

Is your university fighting for DEMACIA, or the brutal warriors of Noxus? If you're unsure, head over to: and find out now!

How will the matches work?

-Teams have been split into groups of approximately 6 teams.

-Your opponent will be visible on your team page within a few days, as with the time of your match.

-If needed, the coordinator from your university can message the coordinator of the opposing team to rearrange the time of your match.

-After your match, report your result on your match page on the CSL website!

-As we're running on a round-robin system, you will follow this procedure for approximately 5 weeks until the top few teams will be selected to join the playoffs!

What should I do if I can't figure something out?


-Post on this thread!

-Send us a message on our Facebook pages!
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