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LF> Experienced Mentor [EU-W]

Creator: CreeperShift
December 3, 2012 10:31am
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I'm currently 1222 elo with only few ranked games played, but I haven't really started ranked this season yet.

My fav role is mid and I mostly win my lane, I roam, I ward, I gank, I zone the other player and later in the game I'm always there for teamfights, tho as with ranked last season, I often end up losing my games.

I'm not convinced that it's entirely my fault, but I would love to play with a few better people for a few games just to get some additional tips. Maybe you can show me a few things I do wrong so I end up getting a bit more elo this season :)

I also, occasionally play top, support or jungler, but I really hate ADC :P.

So yeah, if anyone wants to help me, add me ingame :D

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