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Looking for help learning to play Shaco

Creator: epictroll
March 8, 2012 3:59pm
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So i'd say i'm a decent player. I was rated 1320 for a while... that didn't last. So my goal is to get back to 1320 by the end of season 2 (and higher if possible). I'd really appreciate some 1v1 help from experienced Shaco players. I'm very patient, but i do get mad at the occasional 1/34 eve on my team... But anyway. Any and all help would be much appreciated. my summoner name is EMP HADRIEN if you would like to add me
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Shaco ALWAYS gets banned in ranked and draft. So you would probably be better off finding another champ to work with that ISNT always banned that has some similar characteristics, like Ezreal (im assuming u like shaco because of his escape mechanic with Deceive, ez has something similar, a flash that has a CD of like 10 seconds). But, if you must, in general Shaco never should open combat with Deceive unless its a big fight where other people around you on your team can take heat, or its a 1v1 gank and you KNOW you can win the fight, always save it for the escape mechanic. Tossing boxes down while you are being chased can be the difference between life and death. Truly pro shaco players know that they can control their clone by holding the Alt button and right clicking on the map, giving it orders where to go and what to attack. this is a great escape mechanic also. Decieve into a bush, then ult and direct your clone away from you so the enemy team chases it and you get away scott free. Build for max AD and Crit, dont ever get anything with lifesteal, 3/4 of your abilities can work as escapes so you don't need lifesteal. Always toss boxes in lane off to the sides where the creeps wont activate it, and the enemy laner will when they run over to try and engage you. Spam the boxes.

GLHF with shaco!
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