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Looking of Mentor

Creator: lol0holic
January 18, 2013 10:41pm
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Heyo. Looking to get back into some game for seriousness and realized I suck balls right now. I'm a lvl 30 with ~150 wins on the NA server. Currently leaving my self unranked. I go by *SHOCK* lol0holic. I'm really looking to improve my jungle and top lane play as well as move into other roles as I really want to get good at the game it's self. If it makes a difference i have Skype for communication. I usually get time in around 5pm mountain time to about 9.
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Hey! If you want I could show you the ropes. My top elo is about 1480 and I'm sure I could play a few games with you if you want some pointers. Send me a message via Mobafire and maybe we can work out a time :)
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