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[NA] Requested Help Jungling (Nocturne...

Creator: Waydrak
November 21, 2012 9:42pm
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Greetings, I've just started playing ranked games and, well I've been thrown into the first circle of elo hell. I can still climb out, but I require some assistance to get me there. My preferred role is jungle, as the title insists and as it further states, I love using Nocturne. My Rune setup is nearly complete, only a few slots to fill with tier 3. I feel as though my mechanics are improving, and I have some game awareness, but they can be improved upon and I'm looking for someone to really help me tweak these and better understand jungling as a whole.

Server - NA
Name - Waydrak
Preferred Champ - Nocturne
Looking For - Assistance with (a) Jungling Mechanics (b) Nocturne Mechanics (c) A Good Time
Method of contact - PM me here or in game.
Notes - I have Skype / Ventrilo if you prefer verbal communication, and I can always download TS3.

Thank you.
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I play jungle for my ranked team, 2-3 hours a day. You're more than welcome to add me and spectate me. Nocturne is ONE of the junglers I play.
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