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Need a Tank mentor

Creator: AlphaMF
March 6, 2012 9:55pm
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Okay I really like playing tanks but I want to get really good with them can someone please help?
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ummm... well im pretty good with alistar and nunu but im best with garen mainley i try to focus on farming and health regen and health items. first i usually get regrowth pendant or dorans blade. then i get boots of speed and health potions. then i get the boots of swiftness and a ruby of health. then i get giants belt. then i get warmogs armor. then i get 2 regrowth pendants and a negatron cloak. then get the force of nature. finally i like to finish by buying things like the blood thrister or the phantom dancers. Check out my garEN build for help with tankyness. pm me for any more quetsions and friend me on league of legends me username is bed11
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U should add Maokai to the list. I can tell you aaaaaaaaaaall u need to know about tanking with Maokai rofl. But in general, tanks have the luxury (or some would say curse) to be totally independent of build lists. A tank's job is to respond to threats and maximize his potential survivability that way. Special notes: Warmogs+atma's impaler=lol, u can NEVER go wrong with Frozen heart (99 armor+cd reduction and some mana), Thornmail makes master Yi, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere cry, and Lych bane is GOD if you are playing a tank that has any use at all for AP. Only 2 boots should ever be purchased, Ninja Tabby (again, Yi, Tryn, Xin, teemo, Kogmaw, et cetera) or Merc Treads. This should be decided within 5 minutes of the game when it becomes aparent whether their AD carry or their AP carry is more of a threat. Or if the enemy team is CC heavy, ALWAYS go for Merc treads. Message me or post again if u have any specific questions XD
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by FalseTriumph » March 20, 2012 11:08am | Report
Add Shen to that list :) He's my main tank and I find him very fun to play. Basically, for a tank you should get in the face of the enemy team, build defensive items, but at the same time, generate enough threat that the enemy team will focus their abilities on you instead of your carry / mage.
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well first off the main problem is peopel trying to get too much mr and armor you only really need about 180 in each. getting more really wont help that much with percent dmg reduced. also you need to be the initiator if you dont then you will lose all the team fights. if you need more help just ask.
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