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Newish Player Looking For Serious Help

Creator: Niek
May 21, 2012 2:16pm
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Hey. I'm Niek and I've been playing since mid April and I'm level 19 thanks bot games. I usually play with my IRL friends who babysit me through most games, but they don't always have the time to help and teach me the things I need to imrpove. A few of them actually prefer to throw me in without any help. Thanks to this, I get the basics of the game and understand a lot of the concepts. Yay for that. However, there are things I still don't get and struggle with and I"m posting here because I'm hoping someone here is available to work as a mentor of some sort.

I usually main Janna, and I'm pretty good with her (though I need to work on warding). I sometimes do Lulu as well. I play Support Lulu somewhat effectively, though I'm not as efficient with AP Lulu.

This is what I really need help with:

-Last Hitting and CS. I usually average 60-80 CS a game;. It makes it very difficult for me to do well because I struggle to get a build going, so I'm useless early to mid game. Late game, I only get a few kills because I'm so behind.

- AP Carry skills. I have some experience with LeBlanc, and I love that I can dash in and out with her, but I end up feeding because she's so squishy. I also have some experience with Orianna, though only through custom games. Again, I don't farm well enough to get my items and I'm not skilled enough to land many champ kills, so I usually have few items. When I do have items, I don't have the know-how to do well. I feed a lot with AP Carries, and I want to stop that.

- Tanky DPS, Melee DPS. I'm currently trying to learn how to play Riven. I have had some crazy success in beginner bots (not shocking though). When I try to play Riven in normal games, or even in intermediate bots, I really drag the team down. I don't die as much, but I'm also not as helpful. So any advice with this role, and more specifically, advice for Riven, would be helpful.

- Lane Control! Every time I go bot, my lane gets dominated. I can't hold my lane, ever. If I go top, or mid, the jungler almost always has to help me because I can't do it on my own, and the jungler gets behind. When do you push your lane? When is it safe to go into another lane to help? When is it safe to B back?

I really want to learn to play an AD or AP character effectively because my IRL friends need the role the most. They especially need an AD. While I rock at support, someone else fills the support role much better than I do, and I need to work on filling out my niche on the team. I can play Janna all day long on my own with random people, but in this specific team setting, I need to be able to shine in another role.
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I can certainly help you out with these, just send me a friend request or message me here and we can get to work :D
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Thank you. I appreciate any and all help that you are able and willing to give. :)
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Add me as well if you like, ive got some good experience i can share with you
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When I started out last hitting minions was a total pain for me (I play Ad carry mostly)

Once you hit level 20 and purchase runes it gets a lot easier, but before then the only thing you can do is practice, practice and practice.

I trained with Ashe a lot until I was happy with her timings. I did this by creating a custom game and not adding any bots so the teams were unbalanced. Then I just practiced last hitting till my heart’s content (I didn't buy items as this made it harder)

Once happy I added bots so I could get used to poking and farming at the same time, it's an annoying skill to master and I have no way got it totally perfect yet, but training on it so much has helped!

I then felt happy enough to change to another champ. Remember, each champ has a different attack speed/animation so I'd recommend practicing at least once with a new champion. (The pro's do this before each game just so they get used to the different timings!)

I hope this helped in someway!

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