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Offering mentoring for anyone in bronze and...

Creator: Vynertje
February 24, 2013 10:51pm
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Hello everyone

I am vynertje, and I am a gold player throughout seasons 2 and 3. I have been helping real-life friends and some other people on mobafire with some questions on improving gameplay, escaping 'elohell' and such. I have been able to really help them out and they actually mentioned they have improved their game since then.
I can help anyone out that is in the bronze and silver tiers with advice on how to improve gameplay and general improvements. I have played every role a lot so I feel like I can help out with anything right now (however, jungle is clearly my weakest role)

If you would like my help, you can add me in-game on EUW: vynertje
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I would like your help, i usually win my lanes or if i jungle i either get fed or i feed my top/mid lanes but i cannot seem to know how to carry a game alone with my team doing mistakes all over the place lke focusing the tank or chasing an enemy into an obvious bait... so any help with be appreciated :D im usually on during everyday after 2pm London time and i only play top, mid or jungle :)
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Hi Vynertje,
I´d probably be interested in some coaching.
My problem is that, while I played LoL for about a year now, I totally suck at PvP. I play bots most of the time, and in PvP I usually get my *** kicked. Hard.
Against bots, no problem, I´m doing well there.

So what I need is someone to explain to me the "PvP-skillz".
My preferred roles are Jungle and top. I don´t like to go botlane (adc or support).
You write jungle is not your strongest role. But I´m not looking for a jungle training as such, more of a "how-to-not-get-totally-stomped-in-PvP-training"

I´ll just add you in LoL and see what happens.

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