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Semi-new; Looking for a mentor [NA]

Creator: deadwingxx
May 22, 2012 9:46pm
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Hey. I go by deadwingxx.
I've been interested in the game since late last year, but I haven't been able to play much until recently due to hardware concerns. That being said, I've been playing more often lately, and I'm looking to up my game.

I don't really know where to begin with League. My peers in other games have always regarded me as being above-average when it comes to competitive gaming. My one buddy that's been 30 for awhile now says I learn fast, but I'd really like to get an edge on him. Friendly rivalry, if you will.

I'm looking for a dedicated mentor and playing mate who would be willing to introduce me to advanced play techniques. I can use Skype or Ventrillo, as well, and if you could too, that'd be awesome- makes it a lot easier to explain and learn things.

I'd like to improve last hitting, better laning tactics, etc.

My main champions are Ahri and Varus, though I also own Lulu and Tristana.

Anyway, reply here or add me on Skype if you'd like to help.
My Skype is the same as my username here.
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I can teach you alot myself, as well as the class my clanmate and i are setting up to run. Feel free to add me, my IGN is The Overmynd. CS and lane tactics are just the tip of the ice burg for advanced lol strategy.
Hey, if you liked any advice i gave, be sure to +rep me! Oh, and check out my Shaco and Maokail lorecraft in my Blog! I'm a starving artist in need of attention, so please feel free to read, respond, and critique me! Please? Anybody that leaves a comment (good or bad) will receive a +rep!
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