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Thresh critomat

Creator: Deathbringerkid
January 25, 2013 4:37am
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I have just one question if we took thresh with trinity force, infinity edge and others ad, crit items. Would he done with his q passive like tons of damage?
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Darcurse » January 25, 2013 5:39am | Report
Try reading. It's a magical dmg on-hit proc, scaling with his AD and harvested Souls..

Do on-hit effects crit?
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Darcurse wrote:

Do on-hit effects crit?

Some do (I'm lookin' at you, Statikk Shiv). But in general, they do not.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by The Overmyynd » January 26, 2013 6:54pm | Report
No. On-hit effects like the passive on Death Sentence don't crit. And why build him like that anyway? The AP ratios on anything but his ult kinda suck, Death Sentence is hard to land, and his range is kinda poopy for someone that is supposed to do damage from far away. His entire kit SCREAMS to be a tanky utility based character that controls the ebb and flow of teamfights if you AND your teammates know how to use him, nothing in his build really begs to be made into a high damage champ. And what SO MANY people somehow fail to realize is that his passive gets powerful when you DONT ATTACK. If someone could explain to me why in the world you would want to build attack speed on thresh, I would be much appreciated. Is there some mechanic im not aware of that says something like if you build AS the time it takes for his passive to reach full effect decreases? Not trying to be an ***, I just really want to know the thought process behind this.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Groggs » January 28, 2013 10:43pm | Report
AD still scales with Q' passive by a small percent every auto attack no matter how fast your attacking. So at rank 1 with 0 souls you should do 0 damage for every auto attack after your first right? but no it does around 8 damage from your Q passive from the AD you have. That can scale pretty big with attack speed and AD.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Lugignaf » January 29, 2013 9:59am | Report
Okay, so I got bored and built AD Thresh. While it's not optimal, as he has short range, it is fun.

Hitting for a total of about 1500 on a crit is nice, but you can do the same with most AD carries, and they scale better. It makes for a nice kill lane with Blitzcrank too.
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