Ruby Sightstone


Ruby Sightstone

Summoner's Rift

Total Price: 1800

Recipe Price: 600

500 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Staying Active: Item active cooldowns are reduced by 10%.

UNIQUE Passive: Ward Refresh: Starts with 4 charges and refills each time you visit the shop. UNIQUE Active: Ghost Ward: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. 1 second cooldown. Each player can have no more than three Stealth Wards placed on the map at a time.

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AdrAlpha's Forum Avatar by AdrAlpha » December 9, 2012 2:08am | Report
'must' for reports !!!!!! first :)
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Leaz94's Forum Avatar by Leaz94 » January 13, 2013 3:54pm | Report
I hate dat shiet... only 3 wards at time :l
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SomeoneLeoR's Forum Avatar by SomeoneLeoR » January 13, 2013 11:01pm | Report
Its for those ******s that forget to buy wards
OTGBionicArm's Forum Avatar by OTGBionicArm » January 13, 2013 11:03pm | Report

Its for those ******s that forget to buy wards

pretty much every support buys it for the gold efficiency.
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celticdeath2000's Forum Avatar by celticdeath2000 » February 27, 2013 9:54pm | Report
you can buy 21 regular wards for the cost of this. If you are doing a good job of warding, you will need more than three up at a time anyway, which means you will be using two slots for wards. Guess it depends if you thing the slot is worth the health you get, or if you want something more meaningful in the slot.
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n3mon3mo's Forum Avatar by n3mon3mo » December 19, 2014 7:05am | Report
is better if you save 800 to do some other item, since is 4 charges now

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