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Spirit Stone


Spirit Stone


Total Price: 700

Recipe Price: 15

UNIQUE Passive: Returns 6% of damage dealt to monsters as Health and 3% of damage dealt to monsters as Mana.
UNIQUE Passive: Butcher - Damage dealt to monsters increased by 20%.

ZZsharp's Forum Avatar by ZZsharp » December 6, 2012 10:11am | Report

a junglers philosopher stone

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Dante9934's Forum Avatar by Dante9934 » December 6, 2012 12:06pm | Report

Nice way to put it ZZsharp

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Mop Head's Forum Avatar by Mop Head » May 12, 2013 6:02am | Report

So if I get all of the spirit ston's upgrades will it be good? Like getting Spirit of the ancient golem then elder lizard then spectral wraith is it worth getting? Most of all on a mana using jungler

Arenor's Forum Avatar by Arenor » July 5, 2013 9:42am | Report

Absolutely not! The passives are UNIQUE and don't stack on each other. Getting all three would increase your damage versus monsters as much as one would.

- special thanks to VirusNG1, LaCorpse

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