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15 Mar
Jenkins... here... ugh so sorry. SO much jank has gone down in my life recently - some personal, some blatantly ******ed, etc etc. I don't know when InstaLock IV will be coming out, so my sincerest apologies on that. However, when I'm finished with it, I shall post an update claiming that, well, I'm finished with it. Then the next day I'll post it :) thank you all for being so understanding

Best regards,
Jenkins, Crazy

P.S. Change in line-up:

and minions!

I hope you enjoy when it comes out <3
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27 Feb
Jenkins here. Midterms are almost about over, and I just have one more week of school until Spring break :D :D so you can definetely expect InstaLock IV sometime between this week and the next. It'll be in two parts, and after the two parts, that'll be the end of season 1 for InstaLock XD I'll be back afterwards with some brand new ideas and already thought out story lines! Thanks for being supportive and likin' mah stuff :) and always feel free to send me ideas or suggestions.

Best regards,
Jenkins, Crazy
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22 Feb
Jenkins here. I haven't been able to work on InstaLock IV right now, due to college midterms be a royal pain in my most regal ***. Also, I'm trying to think of which champions to use, but one thing's for sure:

So there's that to expect :) I'll try to get working on this whenever I can so stay tuned!

Best regards,

Jenkins, Crazy
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