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29 May
A lot of people complain about their teams and when friends come to me and ask what they can do in certain situations in order to not lose a game that is going poorly they pretty much always state that it was out of their hands because "bot fed" or "top did nothing but farmed and never actually joined in the teamfights when we needed."

Statements like the ones listed above bother me because there is always something that you could have done in order to try to move things into your team's favor. I'm not saying you can win...
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24 Dec
Well I guess I lucked out since the last free week for Ori was 6 months ago, but I feel I should reiterate that I freaking hate free weeks. Sale weeks are great because the people who swarm to the guides then are people that have decided they liked the champ and are going to purchase them, but free week is full of visitors that expect to be amazing the first time they play a champion and I'm sorry, Ori is not one of those champions... I feel bad for all of the caitlyn and ashe guides out there because I know they get free weeks all the freaking time... oh well. Here's to a disheartening 7...
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03 Dec

Views: 425 Why publish a guide now?

The season 3 patch is literally around the corner so I just don't understand putting in all the effort of creating a guide when it will be out of date by the end of the week. I know I've spent the last week updating my guide, but I'm even doing that offline so that the changes aren't seen to the public until the patch actually drops. Then take into account the fact that all of my changes are based off of testing on the PBE and it means that I still have to be very careful upon patch because it is very possible that things will change from the PBE patch to the live servers.

It just seems...
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01 Jul

Views: 549 Orianna Buffs

Yes yes yes!

Being able to re position the ball more often and being able to trigger all of her other spells faster makes it so that Ori can dominate that much harder. The increase in Protect's range as well as the leash range makes it so that it will be even easier to scout bushes while you are pushing a lane. The short CD that they are adding to Shockwave will make it so that you no longer accidentally use your ultimate on the grass around your feet because your initiator was just a little too far ahead of you!

Oh, and Ori's passive which already deals so much damage isn't going to...
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27 Jun

Views: 361 Free weeks

I freaking hate them. People that know jack squat come in and vote on something that they don't even do more than glance at. It is complete bulls#it. I work and work and make the guide as good as it can be while slowing climbing in ranking, and then in 2 freaking days I get back tracked by about one and a half months of legitimate votes because these guys just feel like being d!cks. And from the looks of it, from looking at other guides, downvotes are the vast majority of votes that are made during free week. Is there any way for one to suspend voting capabilities for free weeks? I mean...
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