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Mage, Marksman, Support


Hokuto Shinken
Apr 11th, 2016


Hello, I'm Embracing.

I'm a college student currently attending Penn State University in the United States. I have a pretty diverse background, as I've lived collectively in the US for around 9 years and China for around 10 years now. Because of this, I have years of experience playing League of Legends on multiple servers, primarily CN, KR, and NA, but I've also dabbled in EUW to play with some of my other friends quite a few times.

I am also the starting mid laner for the Division 1 Penn State Collegiate League of Legends Team and have competed in numerous tournaments such as the Collegiate Star League, where we finished in the RO16, as well as placing first in the PSU LAN, an intercollegiate tournament where teams from other universities such as Indiana, Drexel, Pittsburgh, and Bucknell came to compete.

From Fall '16 to Spring '17 I'll be the Division Head of the League of Legends division in the Penn State University Electronic Sports Club, and I'll be aiming to improve our club culture step by step. If you have any advice or recommendations feel free to contact me!

Facebook: Embracing
Youtube: Embracing
Twitter: EmbracingTV
Stream: EmbracingTV



祖安 = Embracing丶
德玛西亚 = oblivi0n丶

CN Fran

Diamond II 91 LP in Season 3
Challenger Ranked 5's in Season 3
RO16 in Collegiate Star League '15 - '16
1st Place in PSU LAN

Other than League of Legends I also enjoy hanging out with friends, singing, playing drums and guitar, working out, and watching anime!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on MOBAFire or add me in game!