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16 Jul
Hey guys,
today I just want to tell you that I recently signed up on DeviantArt and that I am going to show off some of my creations that I find worthy enough to publish.
If you want to use specific signatures that I publish there, you can ask me in the comments or via PM.

Thanks for reading,
I'm out!
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13 Jul
Hey guys,
I recently bought Ezreal and wanted to play him as an AP mid champ... First thing I noticed was that he is a lot easier to play than most other AP carries. Second was that I get flamed everytime I pick him and tell them that I go mid.

Another thing is that I played AD Ezreal on bot 3 times now and all 3 times I ended up being fed like 11/3... I wonder if AD Ezreal is really that strong or if he is one of those champs I have talent for. Normally, I do not play AD carries because I fail hard with them,... Read More
09 Jul
Hey folks,
today I have a special question for you: Is there any good strategy for ARAM or do you just play like every other game trying to stay alive and defend/push? How often do you start fights and what champions are your favorites?
Do you have the problem that you get the same champion over and over again?

Personally, I just play like every other normal game with a few exceptions:
1. I often play champions on burst damage because burst damage wins games in ARAM.
2. I play quite defensive trying to stay alive and not to die until I have the gold for some expensive items. If I reaached that point I start to play a bit more aggressive.
3. I use nearly fixed build orders... There's not much choice in ARAM if you want to build burst damage. The... Read More
28 Jun
Hey guys,
even if it is 1a.m. right now I want to share this epic game.
Normally, I play support and jungle, sometimes even top or mid. AD Carry is the position I hate most because it sounds like "Oh, I'm gonna farm all day" but ends up in "Oh my god, I died again because I wasn't standing right".
The last game (about 10 minutes ago) I played Caitlyn as I also want to learn the basics of an AD Carry. (By the way, I played Caitlyn because she is free to play, I don't own her.) I started the... Read More