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18 Jul
Hey guys,
today I wanted to ask you something about 2 champions: Orianna and Graves.

I'll start with Orianna because I have already bought her.
Is Orianna a viable support? I've seen them a lot on EUW and they all dealt so much damage as support(starting with faerie charm and wards). Now I bought her because she was buffed and I needed a new mid champ and wanted to test a new support. Do you think she can be as good as a Soraka Support or Alistar?

Next will be Graves.
I always wanted to test him and he's really really fun. First game I had to go mid thanks...
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16 Jul
Hey guys,
today I just want to tell you that I recently signed up on DeviantArt and that I am going to show off some of my creations that I find worthy enough to publish.
If you want to use specific signatures that I publish there, you can ask me in the comments or via PM.

Thanks for reading,
I'm out!
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13 Jul
Hey guys,
I recently bought Ezreal and wanted to play him as an AP mid champ... First thing I noticed was that he is a lot easier to play than most other AP carries. Second was that I get flamed everytime I pick him and tell them that I go mid.

Another thing is that I played AD Ezreal on bot 3 times now and all 3 times I ended up being fed like 11/3... I wonder if AD Ezreal is really that strong or if he is one of those champs I have talent for. Normally, I do not play AD carries because I fail hard with them, really hard. But with Ezreal I always got fed yet.
I really begin to...
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09 Jul
Hey folks,
today I have a special question for you: Is there any good strategy for ARAM or do you just play like every other game trying to stay alive and defend/push? How often do you start fights and what champions are your favorites?
Do you have the problem that you get the same champion over and over again?

Personally, I just play like every other normal game with a few exceptions:
1. I often play champions on burst damage because burst damage wins games in ARAM.
2. I play quite defensive trying to stay alive and not to die until I have the gold for some expensive items. If I...
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28 Jun
Hey guys,
even if it is 1a.m. right now I want to share this epic game.
Normally, I play support and jungle, sometimes even top or mid. AD Carry is the position I hate most because it sounds like "Oh, I'm gonna farm all day" but ends up in "Oh my god, I died again because I wasn't standing right".
The last game (about 10 minutes ago) I played Caitlyn as I also want to learn the basics of an AD Carry. (By the way, I played Caitlyn because she is free to play, I don't own her.) I started the game with a mood that we're gonna lose the game. When I saw Lulu and...
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