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Max D Mana (Unverified)
Taric, Master Yi, Nasus
Support, Jungler


My in game name is ''Max D Mana'' and I play on the US server.

I concider myself a lot more of a good theorycraft then a good player. I like well structured teams wich leads me to play supports or junglers most of the time.

My list of well known champ is in my opinion not long enought for me too launch myself into the world of ranked.

This is the list of champ I know how to play well in each job:

-Supports: Taric, Soraka, Kayle, Zilean, Janna, Alistar

-Solo: Nasus

-AD carry: ...None that I am really good at yet.

-AP carry: ...None taht I am really good at yet.

-Jungle: Master Yi, Olaf.

-3v3: Nasus

-Dominion: Cassiopeia, Amumu, Jax, Master Yi.