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17 Mar
...I've been here for years!

So today I played my first game in about 6 months, with maybe only a few sporadic games in the 4 months preceding. I really missed this game, but didn't have that much time to play. Also, I sold my windows machine to buy a used macbook which broke, so for a while I only had a Linux machine, thus I had to cope without my favorite game :(

Recently however, I bought a new HP; and although I don't like Windows 8, I have to say I am happy to be able to play again. I dual booted linux on my new machine to use for work (I am a developer).

It seems like some...
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23 Apr
well today i write my first blog post about my adventures on the site and in the League.

i started my Volibear guide today, i got done the following sections:
  • personal note to readers
  • champion intro
  • pros/cons
  • masteries
  • runes

next i have to do ability description and sequence. then items. i guess after that i can publish it while i keep filling out the details in the guide.

i have to say this experience has been fun, but i realize how much work it takes to code this thing. i would have had a much harder time if not for some friendly users here...
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