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Welcome to my profile page! Here you can find some information about who I am and about what I do.

Who is Meiyjhe?
I am a guy from the Netherlands that plays League of Legends and of course hangs out on MOBAfire. I am currently 20 years old, a student to the environmental sciences, with an interest in psychology and organisation and am also a bit of a nerd :3

Me and MOBAfire
But Meiyjhe, wtf u do on mobafire?!

As long as I was on mobafire, I always did something with guides. I read them, I wrote them and now I review them. People seemed to like what I did and do, for they +repped me a bunch of times and made me a veteran. Yay. Since I am also a bit of a nerd, I made some ideas and calculations regarding League of Legends, which you might find interesting or helpful. Due to my interest in organisation I also made some awards for Mobafire where fellow mobafire members get the chance to stand in the spotlight by an oscar-like event. Finally, I also made some community guides, because I like to write about psychological things. So if any of this made you interested, here is everything relevant:

Guide help
(Forum) Awards
My LoL ideas
Warning: The community guides thingy in my description about me and mobafire is a lie. The community guides are currently archived and closed for display. However, an update will take place eventually, showing a bigass guide on communication on the internets in general.