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04 Apr

Views: 81 Ryze guide updated-ish

I'm in the process of updating my ryze guide. I've updated the build and masteries and some of the text. I just keep finding little things to change and hitting publish. If you want to read the completed thing, check it periodically. Only major change I need to make is focusing it more towards top and cleaning up matchups.

Happy Ryzing, and also, he's t1 enjoy
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07 Mar
I'm backish. I haven't even been lurking in the past couple months. I've stumbled back and this site is worse than ever.

I'm a dangerous combination of bored and frustrated, so check my profile page sporadically to see me at my most vicious.


Also, I stream now. Pop by at 6PM on weekdays central time and I *may* be streaming league.

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07 Feb

Tonight at 5:30 central time I'll be playing a 12-0 deck in arena. 2 legendaries, 3 fire elementals, etc. it's going to be an epic run and the more the merrier. I'll make a highlight of the draft because it was so ludicrous and put it in the comments. The whole run will probably be VOD'es, but take a quick league break and let's have some fun Kappa
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31 Jan

Views: 142 I stream now.

Hello. First of all, my girlfriend is hosting a league tournament with low battery gaming club at Stanford university. It should be pretty exciting and she'll be shoutcast so I'd appreciate if you popped in and showed her some love.

The event starts at 10PM on the west coast, so 1 AM east coast, etc.

As for me, I will be streaming mostly hearthstone on and off. I'm still working on streaming league, but at the moment, it makes league unplayable with FPS drops and latency. Come on in and drop me a follow and check in on me whenever you want. I average about 6 wins in arena so it should be a good show ;)

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12 Jan
Dear people/children aged 1-15;

Mobafire is a cool site! You can come and shoot the breeze about league and all kinds of things.

However, there is a TIME and a PLACE for making posts asking for advice on middle school problems. (EG:

The place is off-topic, and the time is never. I can see a disturbing trend arising where very young people pour their hearts out to complete strangers. This is really bad, and we don't care.

I was 14 once, and although the internet was in its... Read More