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24 Apr

Tonight at 8pm central I'll be doing a vlog/AMA about Moba and my upcoming guide. If you want to stop by, cool. If you want a question answered, you can ask in twitch chat, or I'll be in the mobafire ventrilo, or if you can't attend you can ask below and if it's not ******ed I'll answer it. Should be fun, should last 30 min - 1 hr, I will obviously be calling a lot of people out, should be fun if you're into zomg dramas
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23 Apr
I'm not going into too much detail here.

I need a skilled coder, either male, or a non-feminist female to corroborate with and code.

I've completely changed the way I've acted towards the opposite sex in the past 6 weeks and it's changed my life. If you want a sneak peak, just browse around for red pill literature. Send me a PM if you want on board.
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04 Apr

Views: 157 Ryze guide updated-ish

I'm in the process of updating my ryze guide. I've updated the build and masteries and some of the text. I just keep finding little things to change and hitting publish. If you want to read the completed thing, check it periodically. Only major change I need to make is focusing it more towards top and cleaning up matchups.

Happy Ryzing, and also, he's t1 enjoy
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07 Mar
I'm backish. I haven't even been lurking in the past couple months. I've stumbled back and this site is worse than ever.

I'm a dangerous combination of bored and frustrated, so check my profile page sporadically to see me at my most vicious.


Also, I stream now. Pop by at 6PM on weekdays central time and I *may* be streaming league.

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07 Feb

Tonight at 5:30 central time I'll be playing a 12-0 deck in arena. 2 legendaries, 3 fire elementals, etc. it's going to be an epic run and the more the merrier. I'll make a highlight of the draft because it was so ludicrous and put it in the comments. The whole run will probably be VOD'es, but take a quick league break and let's have some fun Kappa
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