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19 Aug

Views: 329 The Artists of MOBAfire

Preface: My shipfic is currently on Hiatus. I got 2 clients I'm working for atm and I want to actually make it into a flash game, which takes time to do. Plus I wanted to get some other projects going, some of which will be discussed in this thread (maybe).

Notice, I didn't use MOBAfail for an instant. That means this is a SERIOUS TOSHABI THREAD!

I'm thinking about starting some projects on here, but that all depends on one single question; Do you even draw?

That being said, I want to get an idea of what our...
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23 Jul
Yes. I'm in need of subjects. Particularly 5 League of Legends champions and 5 MOBAfailians who will offer their names to star in my new adult rated fan fiction "MOBAFailing in Love: A Shipping Tale". It will, like every fan fic out there, be based on high school students who have bodily features of 24 year old models and a sex drive as erratic as a geiger counter being thrown into the heart of Chernobyl. The subject of class? Summoner to Champion relationships. The class, of course, is taught by yours truly in this fan fiction. But what my students don't realize is the champions...
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18 Jul

Views: 243 How to beat Doombots


Now you can stop wasting 5 boobless hours reading up what strategy some moron made on the topic.

(Yes, Riot STILL hasn't programmed bots to react to backdooring)
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30 Jun
The cast was set and it was done in less than 5 minutes. The show? One seen millions of times by the same audience. My role? Well, I'm simply the supporting role. The real stars have been decided by a rambunctious bunch that took the spotlight from themselves. Regardless, I took up my fancy dress, applied my purple make-up and headed out onto the stage.

The minutes fly on like hours. I settle down in my little corner as I watch him bombard little midgets with a gun. Money scatters about across the floors, and yet, it never seems to be enough. I simply watch as he kills more and more...
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26 Jun

Silence. Everywhere. No noises can be heard. No noises can be made. I, like many others, try day in and day out to make our trite existence known to those above us. We do what we can to be heard, but alas, no attempt is met with success. We see each other but communication is impossible. We can only flail about in our eternal torment. Tears roll down our eyes as we witness the struggles and toils one another must endure to stay alive. And for what? The enjoyment of one being looking down upon us knowing that he created such a demented system? Trapped in cages, we...
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