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03 Aug

Views: 616 Diana Pt 2

A Champion that literally dominates Diana
I only played one game with a Heimer that was used to his full potential and i gotta say, i was crying. His turrets are some what manageable at first, however the real threat is his CH-1 Concussion Grenade which can easily stun you if your Lunar Rush to iniate. On top of that when he UPGRADE!!! The combination of the slow, and the passive armor reduction from the turrets, make him dangerous for Diana. Another thing to point out is the lack of CS Diana will receive against a Heimer. The average Heimer play style is...
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02 Aug

Views: 1177 Diana

Recently tested Diana, gotta say, she's an interesting champion. During the PBE i have tried multiple times to play her in normal; unsuccessful since 9 times out of 10 all of the players are killing each other to play her. Luckily i was able to play her in a few games, mind you i had to "insta-pick" to grab her and man was that some intense wait. At the moment i am conducting a guide, my first guide, to prove to people she cannot be a hybrid, in fact she cant even be an AD. Out of all champions (next to akali) Diana can only be pure AP, and a core item build that is used through...
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