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03 Aug

Views: 546 Diana Pt 2

A Champion that literally dominates Diana
I only played one game with a Heimer that was used to his full potential and i gotta say, i was crying. His turrets are some what manageable at first, however the real threat is his CH-1 Concussion Grenade which can easily stun you if your Lunar Rush to iniate. On top of that when he Read More
02 Aug

Views: 1106 Diana

Recently tested Diana, gotta say, she's an interesting champion. During the PBE i have tried multiple times to play her in normal; unsuccessful since 9 times out of 10 all of the players are killing each other to play her. Luckily i was able to play her in a few games, mind you i had to "insta-pick" to grab her and man was that some intense wait. At the moment i am conducting a guide, my first guide, to prove to people she cannot be a hybrid, in fact she cant even be an AD. Out of all champions (next to akali) Diana can only be pure AP, and a core item build that is used through out all games, The mighty Lich Bane and Rylai's Crystal Sceptar. I will explain more in depth when i create my guide, but to all those who read this blog, and are currently testing diana. Please i beg... Read More